Monday, August 6, 2012

Wedding Recap/ Prepping and the Ceremony

One month ago today the hubs and I had the best day of our lives! I know that everyone says that about their wedding but this day was truly spectacular. I don't want to go into every detail of the day but I did want to share some of the more magical parts. 

To begin the day, all of my maids met me at the hotel for hair and makeup.  Some of us had such a spectacular time the night before that an 8 a.m. wake-up call was very difficult.  We were primped and pampered for several hours while listening to music, snacking, and drinking our fair share of mimosas and wine.  The time flew by quickly and soon it was time to put on my dress!

Once we were all picture perfect we made our way over to the ceremony and reception site ( there were in the same place). We enjoyed 1 drink during our hour long wait and watched as all of the people filed in.  We had about 300 guests so it was fun to watch everyone walk in! Exactly at 6 p.m. we headed downstairs and started the walk down the aisle.  I was escorted by my dad which meant the world to me. He is such a strong presence in my life and I had to tell him so many times not to make me cry! 

Our ceremony was uber nontraditional as neither of us go to church or are religious. I actually wrote the entire ceremony for our officiant to perform.  We also chose to write our own vows.  When the time came to read them the hubs looked at me and asked "Who goes first?" I told him that I didn't think it mattered and he responded with "Great, I am going first and I am whispering them!" Needless to say I was a little shocked but I thought it was a very romantic way to tell me how he felt about me without anyone else hearing. I also spoke my vows very quietly.  It was the joke of the day that the vows would be online later if people wanted to see them. 

Finally we were pronounced Mr. & Mrs. and walked down the isle with nothing but smiles!

More wedding recaps will be coming on the 6th of every month so that I can reminisce this special day for our entire first year of marriage!

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