Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Day In The Life - List Style

Things that I have accomplished today in no particular order:

  • Planted herbs to enjoy all summer long ( basil, cilantro, and stevia. Is stevia an herb?)
  • Make a donation basket for charity
  • Worked with 18 very chatty first graders for 7 and a half hours
  • Went for a walk to look for turtles in the pond with Camryn
  • Made dinner ( BLAT Sandwiches, broccoli and sweet potato fries)
  • Laundry
  • Tagged items for a consignment sale
  • Finished a binder project for work
  • Cleaned out my car 

I am sure there is more.  To say I am exhausted is putting it mildly.  On top of my crazy busy day today I am exhausted from an even busier day yesterday. Unfortunately at the end of my work day yesterday I experience what can only be described as searing pain and extreme nausea. I immediately threw up and then drove myself to an emergent care hospital where I proceeded to get an IV with anti-nausea medication and lay down for 3 hours with a barrage of tests. I was then referred to an gastro-enterologist with instructions to get a hida-scan of my gall bladder.... Apparently 28 year olds can have gall bladder attacks!  

This is really shaping up to be quite the week so far! 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Negative Effects of Diet Soda

So the time has finally come... I am quitting diet soda for good. I spent a great deal of time today checking out the negative effects that all these ingredients have.  I have noticed staining on my teeth and really think that is doing other things to me as well that might not be apparent right now! So as of tomorrow I am quitting for good.

Not only am I concerned about the negative effects of the aspartame, I am also concerned with the caffeine content.  I know that there are better ways to get through the day and I don't think caffeine needs to be one of them.

In lieu of my beloved Diet Pepsi, I am going to be turning to an all natural alternative.  I have been adding lemon oil to my water for some time now and will continue to do that but will also be adding in Zevia. It is an all natural and calorie free soda that is sweetened from the stevia plant. Hopefully this will keep my soda cravings at bay :) Wish me luck!

Have you ever given up diet soda? What were your reasons?

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