Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Long time no see! I have had visitors for the past week! Those visitors would include two of my best friends up from the Orange County area! We have been doing so much different things this week that I haven't even had a chance to sit down and read the blogs that I love let alone post on  my own!

For starters, we have been doing so many outdoor activities because the weather has been excellent! We went climbing at a place in the Lake George region called Adirondack Extreme. It is an incredibly challenging ropes course that takes several hours to complete. It was quite a workout. I was also pretty impressed with the height of the ropes. You are in charge or clicking yourself on and off of the ropes and at some points we were between 30 and 60 feet in the air! I took a picture looking down just so I could remember how high it was!

We also took a few hours wandering around downtown Lake George and stopped at a psychic! We each went and had our palms read. I am not sure if I completely believe in psychics but she did tell me some things that I loved hearing! She asked if twins run in the family and I told her that they do on Matt's side. She told me I could be expecting twins in the near future!!! I was OVERJOYED! Only time will tell though I suppose!  
Do you believe in psychics or do you think like I do? I choose to believe because she told me things that I want to hear! 

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