Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Amazon Prime Day and Wednesday Already?

It is like Christmas in July!!! I woke up early this morning ( how is it already Wednesday? I feel like it should still be Monday) to peruse the sales for the day! I already have quite the cartful and intend on adding much more before final placing my order. Some of the best deals I have found are on the regular organic snacks we buy such as fruit snacks and pouches! If I can find organic fruit pouches for less than one dollar a piece I am a very happy mommy! Amazon brand wipes are also a steal at four dollars for a six pack of the flip-top container.

I also have a Prime Pantry cartful and hopefully will continue to order on a bi-weekly basis to have all of my daily essentials delivered.

Happy shopping today! What are you looking for?

Sunday, July 12, 2015

From baby fever to being the mom of a 2 year old....

It is crazy how fast time can go by! I know the phrase" Time flies when you are having fun" could apply but I wouldn't even classify the past two years as fun. I would classify it as the most fantastic time of my life! Having a baby is life changing for sure but no one can really explain just how amazing the entire experience is.  Almost three years ago I was blogging about having baby fever and now I have rambunctious almost two year old who uses complete sentences and is a bundle of joy to be around each and every day! She couldn't brighten up a room more.  I know that most people gush about their children but seriously she is the best thing since sliced bread. I will leave you with the most adorable pictures of an almost two year old!

The Beginning of Summer

Summer is so close I can almost taste the freeze pops! I can't wait for this fabulous season to begin and for everything that comes with it. Summertime means boating, swimming, beaches, ice cream, and best of all every minute spent with my baby girl. There is something so special about waking up in warm, humid air and relaxing while drinking my morning coffee instead of the daily hustle and bustle that comes with work mornings.  It feels like from sunup to sundown on work days I don't have a moment to breathe in life and really enjoy everything that is going on.  In the summer however, every single second seems so special. The sunrises take a little bit longer, splashes from the pool are extra refreshing and moments with loved ones can be cherished instead of rushed. I can not wait to soak up these moments in a  few short weeks! Ahhh the life of a teacher ;).

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Day In The Life - List Style

Things that I have accomplished today in no particular order:

  • Planted herbs to enjoy all summer long ( basil, cilantro, and stevia. Is stevia an herb?)
  • Make a donation basket for charity
  • Worked with 18 very chatty first graders for 7 and a half hours
  • Went for a walk to look for turtles in the pond with Camryn
  • Made dinner ( BLAT Sandwiches, broccoli and sweet potato fries)
  • Laundry
  • Tagged items for a consignment sale
  • Finished a binder project for work
  • Cleaned out my car 

I am sure there is more.  To say I am exhausted is putting it mildly.  On top of my crazy busy day today I am exhausted from an even busier day yesterday. Unfortunately at the end of my work day yesterday I experience what can only be described as searing pain and extreme nausea. I immediately threw up and then drove myself to an emergent care hospital where I proceeded to get an IV with anti-nausea medication and lay down for 3 hours with a barrage of tests. I was then referred to an gastro-enterologist with instructions to get a hida-scan of my gall bladder.... Apparently 28 year olds can have gall bladder attacks!  

This is really shaping up to be quite the week so far! 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Negative Effects of Diet Soda

So the time has finally come... I am quitting diet soda for good. I spent a great deal of time today checking out the negative effects that all these ingredients have.  I have noticed staining on my teeth and really think that is doing other things to me as well that might not be apparent right now! So as of tomorrow I am quitting for good.

Not only am I concerned about the negative effects of the aspartame, I am also concerned with the caffeine content.  I know that there are better ways to get through the day and I don't think caffeine needs to be one of them.

In lieu of my beloved Diet Pepsi, I am going to be turning to an all natural alternative.  I have been adding lemon oil to my water for some time now and will continue to do that but will also be adding in Zevia. It is an all natural and calorie free soda that is sweetened from the stevia plant. Hopefully this will keep my soda cravings at bay :) Wish me luck!

Have you ever given up diet soda? What were your reasons?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday- It's A Love Hate Kind of Thing

Happy Sunday! Or is it? I always love Sundays because it is the day to get organized and prepared for the week. But is also means the weekend is over and that just makes me sad! My Sunday always starts the same way, with lots of early morning snuggles and this Sunday was no different. Cam woke  up bright and early before the sun! We lounged around and watched Cinderalla for quite a while before we actually began to get moving. 

After the snuggles though I am pretty predictable. LOTS of cleaning taking place. The fridge gets emptied and ready for groceries to be delivered ( I always order my groceries so I don't have to leave the house and drag the babes with me). Dinners for the week start to get prepped and lunches are made! On Sunday we always usually have a nice relaxed dinner before getting our clothes all ready for the week and finally going off to bed :) 

Speaking of prepping dinners, here are our meal plans for the week: 

Monday: Clean Eating Chicken Bake from pinterest

Tuesday: My version of Italian Wedding Soup with orzo and turkey meatballs

Wednesday- Pulled BBQ crockpot Chicken- Again this is my own version of it and I don't really follow a recipe
Thursday- Spiralized Zucchini Chicken Parm- I bought a spiralizer and I LOVE it. It makes my actually want to eat zucchini all the time! 

Friday- DIY/ Frozen Pizza- In an attempt to save money and not order out we have started making our own pizzas or making frozen pizzas. We were spending $40+ dollars a week and decided we could save that money instead to put towards our new house! 

Saturday- Wing It/Leftovers- I don't usually plan for Saturdays because we aren't usually around on these days.

Well that's pretty much it for my lovely Sunday! What are your plans for today?

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Long Time No Talk

Well its been a while and it is absolutely hysterical to look back at the last post while my now 19 month old rules around trying to throw things at me! How quickly life can change! I can now say I am a proud mama with so many other amazing things going on! I am going to sum it up into 3 categories:

1- New House- Hubby and I have moved back in with my parents as we prepare to build our home. We have hired a builder and started our driveway. I am hoping that this entire process is over by October but I am hoping for the best and expecting the worst so we could most certainly be in our current situation for MUCH longer.

2- New Job ( sort of)-  I switched grade levels and am currently teaching 1st grade after teaching 3rd grade for five years. This was a very welcomed change and this year has been exciting to say the least...But more on that later.

3- New Fun- I am have begun crafting pretty regularly and have made a nice little side business out of it! It is such a fun way to relax and enjoy my night as well as fulfilling my crafting itch! If you are at all interested you can locate me at

Other than that it is life as usual. I look forward to posting on a regular basis as well as doing product reviews, sharing my crafts, and my explaining my crazy little life. Talk to you soon! 

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