Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It was like I knew the other day that after all of the amazing and fun times this week there would be something that would happen to put a damper on the happy go lucky feeling.  My parents dog has been sick for quite a while now. About 7 months ago she was diagnosed with tumors on her liver and went downhill very quickly.  She lost about 20 pounds over the few short months and hasn't really been able to eat over the last week. Tonight my family had to decide to put her to sleep and end the suffering that we saw taking place.  Our vet was very supportive of this decision and said it was the most kind choice to make. We will miss her though because she really earned a special place in our life after 12 years together! 

I came home to my house and squeezed my fur babies with the husband for a little bit longer. So even though it may sound a bit dramatic, today could be the best day of your life and you have no idea what tomorrow might bring so cherish the smell of the air, the feel of the sunshine on your cheeks, and overwhelming happiness that you have because tomorrow could bring about something very different. 

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