Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

 These adorable Andy Warhold designed soup cans from Target. I LOVE the design so much I don't even want to open the soup! 

 I want this printed somewhere in my kitchen. If I am ever having a bad day a cupcake is a sure fire way to make it better. The hubs knows this too. When I call and say you better come home with something sweet, he knows its been a doozy of a day. 
Speaking of sweet treats, candy corn flavored Oreos are to die for! My coworkers and I ate an entire bag. Gone. Dunzo. As in I am going to have to drive to Target again tonight to buy more.

And finally, this beautiful sky the other night on a bike ride with my mom and sister. It was gorgeous. One of those just before sunset skies that really make you think that things are perfect! 

What are you loving this Wednesday?

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