Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Baby Fever...It's Real

Well I think the title says it all! Baby fever is a real disease. I always thought that this was something that was made up. Other girls my age would say they have it and I would dismiss them and think that they were just giving an excuse for wanting to have a baby at such a young age or as a way to tell people they were ready to start trying. Well its not any of those things. This is real! 

(This is not any baby I know but it is a baby that came up when I googled "baby fever"! )

I wake up everyday thinking about how much I want to have a baby. It is not just the act of actually having the baby here with me but the act of being a mom and all of the fun adventures that come with it.  I picture a baby rocker in the living room, I picture the color the of the nursery, I picture the bedding, and I picture what my sweet little baby will look like. It is all consuming! 

I know that most would say I am too young ( almost 26) but we are married ( for a mere 3 months), we own a house, and we both think that this is a very do-able thing right now! I want to be a young mom so I can chase after my kids and see them go off to college and watch them have my grandbabies. I want to be able to enjoy this so much without the risks that get higher as a women's age goes up.  I want this! 

So folks be prepared, baby fever is real and when it hits it will take over your life! Watch out for more baby related posts! Even though I am not pregnant it doesn't mean I can't dream! 

Did you ever have baby fever? What were some things that you did to help squash it?

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