Saturday, March 21, 2015

Long Time No Talk

Well its been a while and it is absolutely hysterical to look back at the last post while my now 19 month old rules around trying to throw things at me! How quickly life can change! I can now say I am a proud mama with so many other amazing things going on! I am going to sum it up into 3 categories:

1- New House- Hubby and I have moved back in with my parents as we prepare to build our home. We have hired a builder and started our driveway. I am hoping that this entire process is over by October but I am hoping for the best and expecting the worst so we could most certainly be in our current situation for MUCH longer.

2- New Job ( sort of)-  I switched grade levels and am currently teaching 1st grade after teaching 3rd grade for five years. This was a very welcomed change and this year has been exciting to say the least...But more on that later.

3- New Fun- I am have begun crafting pretty regularly and have made a nice little side business out of it! It is such a fun way to relax and enjoy my night as well as fulfilling my crafting itch! If you are at all interested you can locate me at

Other than that it is life as usual. I look forward to posting on a regular basis as well as doing product reviews, sharing my crafts, and my explaining my crazy little life. Talk to you soon! 

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